Little Musician Boxes GIVEAWAY! (Apr. 25th - May 5th)

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Get Little Musician Boxes for FREE at !

To celebrate the rollout of the 3rd app of Little Musician series --- Rhythm, we are giving away 3 prizes of Little Musician boxes that's worth over US$39.9 each. Enter between now until May 5th for a chance to win!

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LIKE Little Musician on Facebook to get more details at:

Little Musician apps are available in iTunes for FREE (iPad only):
* Little Musician - Musical Instrument:
* Little Musician - Note Reading:
*Little Musician - Rhythm:

April App Promotion - Happy Easter

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Easter is coming soon! BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore is launching a massive app sale to celebrate this holiday! Apps related to Music, Color and Alphabet will be on sale at $0.99 or available for FREE from April 3rd to 20th! Come download BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore for FREE to see the apps at

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How to redeem ebook apps at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore (iOS 7 version)

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Hi BelugaBloo readers,


Some of you may have a redeem promotion code for the apps at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore. Here are a few steps about how to redeem ebook app at BelguaBloo Kids Bookstore.


First, you need to download BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore on your iPad/ iPhone for FREE at App Store:


Second, open BelugaBloo Bookstore app and find the “Information” button at the right top corner (see attached Screenshot 1)

Third, click the information button and then you will find Redeem Promotion Code (see attached Screenshot 2)

Last, please type in the code and enjoy your BelugaBloo journey!

If you are an Android devices user, don't worry because BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore is also available on Android devices. Just download it for FREE at Google Play Store here and following the similar steps mentioned above. If you cannot find the redeem button. Kindly contact us at .

Thank you,

The BelugaBloo Team



Happy Appy Black Friday at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore!

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Happy Appy Black Friday @ BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore!!!

Top fun educational apps are going FREE at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore on this Black Friday and the whole weekend! These best ever appy offers cover music, color, alphabet and even interactive Chiristamas history stories especially for toddlers! 

Take a Peek and take them home for your kids!

- The Birth of Baby Jesus ($1.99 -> FREE, in-store)

- The Creation ($1.99 -> FREE, in-store)

- The Pig's Day ($0.99 -> FREE, in-store)

- Flash Card Bebee ($0.99 -> FREE, in-store)

- Alphabet Animals ($0.99 -> FREE, in-store)

- The Three Little Gators ($1.99 -> FREE, in-store)

- The Really Groovy Story of the Tortoise and Hare ($1.99 -> FREE, in-store)

- 《彩虹宝宝的故事》(FREE/免费, in-store/应用内下载)

- 《甜心格格第一集》(FREE/免费, in-store/应用内下载

Download BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore for FREE at
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Fun Educational Thanksgiving Apps for Kid

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Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. This is a day when families, friends and loved ones get together to make the most of the occasion. While parents are busy preparing for this big day, BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore have prepared a series of fun educational apps to keep your kids busy and entertained! Come and take a peek!

1. Thanksgiving Feast Expert Match Three Puzzle Game! Gobble Gobble!  

2. Gobble Gobble m3 Expert. Fun Thanksgiving Puzzle Game

3. Turkey Plucker

4. Turkey Time


Download BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore for FREE at
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Help the Drip Drops color the world at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore!

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Art education plays a critical role in the development for young children.The Drip Drops are a colorful group of lovable preschool characters that help kids learn about art, color, creativity, problem solving and team work! Through a series of fun and interactive games, activities, and songs The Drip Drops preschool apps series reinforce the value of artistic expression as vital for childhood growth, development and overall well-being during the early stages of life. Help the Drip Drops color the world now at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore!

Download BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore for FREE at
- App Store: 
- Google Play: 

BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore, where selected interactive kids’ stories and games are gathered in one place! 

- The Story of the Drip Drops (FREE!): 
- Let’s Color the World: 
- Let’s Go to the Zoo: 
- The Drip Drops Coloring Party:

Top 6 Halloween Apps at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore

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Trick or Treat! Halloween is really a fun time of year with candy, pumpkin, costumes and monsters. It could be even great educational fun to extend imaginations and creativity of children with the Halloween themed interactive kid’s apps. BelugaBloo selects and recommends the following 6 Halloween apps, which for sure will light up Halloween spirit of young ones and even the whole family.


Download BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore for FREE at

-  App Store:

-  Google Play:



Spot the Difference - Halloween Edition FREE

Welcome in a world of witches, ghosts, bats, pumpkins and black cats! This Halloween themed Spot the Difference game gets your kids into the spirit of Halloween with creative monster images and very well done sound effects. By pointing out the hidden differences between two similar Halloween scenes, younger ones will appreciate the cheerful applause and cute candies if successful, while be a little bit “frightened” by the sound of evils if failed. But don’t worry, it is not too scary and for sure the little ones will get excited!

 Download for FREE at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore:


Big Halloween Spooky Decorate Cake Game 2013 - FREE

24 animated spooky objects including skulls, bugs, ghosts, pumpkins and even a voodoo doll are there for your kids to decorate their own Halloween cake! These interactive components are a little creepy but safe enough for kids. Younger ones could take advantage of all the little components to decorate their own Halloween cake. Once finished, kids could make it as a spooky Halloween card with words on and send it to their relatives and friends!

Download for FREE at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore:


Halloween. Coloring book for children – $1.99

This coloring book let your kids dive into a fascinating world of Halloween festival! They can train imagination preparing to festival and color personages on their own. There are 25 pictures which can be colored, sent by email, printed or saved to album what gives children almost unlimited opportunities. It is a perfect app for keeping kids busy. It is half price for Halloween festival and no advertising is in.

Download for $1.99 at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore:


Undead on Halloween - FREE

The undead want to return to the world of the living and you should cast a rain of holy water to stop them. Get through more levels to improve magic spells and enjoy some bone-shaking mass destruction. Beware! Evil creatures try to bite you while casting spells. Without fingers you can't stop the march of the undead. This is really a time-killer app and could easily get everyone excited about Halloween.

 Download for FREE at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore:


Guess Who I Am! - Halloween Monsters Edition - FREE

"Guess Who I Am!" is a simple deductive and pedagogic game. It is designed for the entire family from 4 years to 90. And, the Halloween Monster Edition is out! Guess the names of cute monsters by asking simple questions and enjoy your time with family members in the Halloween festival! This app is meant to be a Halloween app, but it could definitely bring families great fun all the other times.

Download for $1.99 at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore:


Bobbee’s Afraid of the Dark - $0.99/ FREE

Bobbee’s Afraid of the Dark is the perfect bedtime story. Your child will learn that there are no monsters to scare them at night, just the moonlight and their vivid dreams to guide them through to morning. Brose this app and help your little one conquer fear of the dark together with Bobbee bear and his friends, especially in this Halloween month!

Download at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore

- iOS for $0.99:

- Android for FREE:

Addison’s Tales eBooks Launched at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore

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Addison’s Tales digital books by Wivern Digital are now available at BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore! 

Mr. Addison, the mysterious writer from Calladin, runs cool co-creative competitions that help kids discover the magic withinreading, music, writing and art. This exciting series of ebooks weaves with creative animation, wild characters, catchy tunes and old fashioned storytelling. Hurry up to check and enjoy the brand new reading experience at Addison's Tales digital books! Find more at

Download BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore for FREE at:
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Weekly To 10 Apps

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Congratulations on the following apps that have made it into the weekly Top 10 list in the BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore for last week (Oct. 21 - 27)!

1. Bobbee’s Afraid of the Dark --- Bebee 
2. Let's Learn About Colors --- BelugaBloo
3. The Really Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare --- Albert Whitman & Company
4. The Drip Drops: Let's Color the World --- The Drip Drops 
5. 彩虹宝宝®:彩虹宝宝的故事--- The Drip Drops 
6. Pups, Cubs & Joey's - 50 Baby Animals --- #HubCatDesigns
7. Happy Gnome --- Nerlaska Studio
8. Penguin Platform Count --- #PreSchoolApps
9. MathGems 2 --- Nerlaska Studio
10. The Dream of Cornelius Elmore Addison --- Wivern Digital

*BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore*, where more fantastic interactive kids stories and games are gathered in one place!

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Free App Friday

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Happy Free App Friday! App for this weekend at BelugaBloo is

The Drip Drops Coloring party! ($1.99 -> FREE)

iTunes link: 

It’s time to celebrate the Drip Drop Coloring Party with the lovable Drip Drops! Children can help their favorite colorful friends prepare for the Tint Town celebration by creating a colorful banner, decorating a batch of cupcakes, picking ripe vegetables from the garden, drawing a bouquet of flowers and participating in many other entertaining and educational activities in this amusing interactive storybook!

This app is also available at *BelugaBloo Kids Bookstore*, where extensive interactive kids stories and games are gathered in one place! 

Download the store app for FREE to check the rest at
- App Store:
- Google Play Store:

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